Compare DNA Tests

Whether you're looking for a paternity test or a nutrition and fitness DNA test, we're here to guide you through the leading DNA test kit providers, to help you make the right choice with your money.

Increasingly in popularity for a range of reasons, DNA testing kits give you the chance to send a swab off to a lab and then receive a report back for the type of test you're after.

Why Are DNA Tests So Popular?

The last 2 to 3 years have seen a marked increase in the number of companies offering DNA testing for everything from paterntiy through to animal health or medical analysis. Advances in the technology that allow you to extract the DNA profile from a mouth swab or from blood have come down in price, making it more cost effective to offer as a service to those that are in need, or just interested in the DNA profile.

What we're now seeing are companies taking that information and interpreting individual genome sequences in order to offer tailored reports and therefore tailored products or services to support individuals. Likewise, it's a service that can now be supported for legal or law enforcement agencies in much the same way!

From an initial $10bn+ investment in sequencing the first full genome, through to the home DNA tests you see today for as little as £35, the technology and popularity has increased dramatically as the costs have reduced.

So how many tests are we looking at each year? The figures for 2017 show that Worldwide there were more than 12 million people taking one or more DNA tests. Revenue in the US and Japan topped £150m combined and with the latest diet and fitness advances, we're looking at a continued uplift in more and more people wanting to see their DNA test results and see what their DNA reveals about them!

What Test Kits Are Out There?

We have focused on the most popular kits - the ones that we know users are already buying and may also need for various reasons.

The ones we focus on are: Ancestry Home DNA Tests; Animal DNA Test Kits