Fitness DNA Testing

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DNA tests for fitness were years ago the domain of elite athletes and premier league football clubs. But  now they are available to anyone interested in how their DNA can help them work out more effectively.

What Is A Home testing DNA Kit?

Home DNA testing kits are where you conduct the DNA test in your own home by yourself. The key here is that home DNA tests require self collection of the DNA sample. Most require a simple saliva test.You then return your sample and have access to your results either online or they are sent to you at home.

How Can A DNA test Help Us Get Fitter?

The argument is that our DNA will indicate how we respond to certain foods and exercise.. So the more you know about your DNA the more you will get from any fitness programme. The claims are that a simple sample of your DNA-saliva or mouth swab, provides 45 gene variants which predict if for example you are better at endurance workouts or power sports and also how good your body is at recovering. So for example the tests will highlight your aerobic potential and whether you can achieve a high VO2 max, which is how you process oxygen to sustain aerobic activity. The ability to recover is also important as if you predicted to be someone who needs longer to recover than others that will be crucial in how often and when you work out each week. So DNA tests for fitness could help you determine what exercise you should do to achieve maximum results.

What Does The test Involve?

Most tests involve either a saliva swab to be taken or just saliva.These samples are then sent off to laboratories for testing.

What Do Your Results Look Like?

Each test provider will be different but from looking at what's on the market you should receive guidance on what fitness regimes will work best for you. The type of issues dealt with include your response to power and endurance exercise, the speed of your recovery, sports injury resilience,aerobic ability,. One test provider will even benchmark you against a British Olympian. Some test providers also provide a 30 minute phone call with a fitness coach. many also provide you with a training programme so that you can see how your results pan out in practice.

What To Consider Before You Buy

The first thing is to be clear about is what DNA can provide us with the answers with and what it cannot. So if you believe a home DNA test may predict your  future ability to be a great Olympian, you may want to think again. You should also consider whether you are fully prepared for what the data may tell you. This is particularly important in paternity testing but even in fitness testing it is important to realise that you may not like what you see in the eventual results.You may want to check to see if the company you have bought the test from provide any form of support services afterwards. Finally, do check out the company that are analysing your DNA. Do they comply with international guidelines on the use of genetic data and is your data safe? Some companies have sold on genetic data without the consent of the donors so this is one online purchase where you really must read the small print.