Health DNA Testing

Home DNA heath tests can help identify if you are a carrier for certain diseases. But they can also provide vital information regarding food allergies and also what vitamins and medication are most suitable for you.

What Are Home DNA Testing Kits?

Home DNA testing kits are where you conduct the DNA test in your own home by yourself. The key here is that home DNA tests require self collection of the DNA sample. Most require a simple saliva test.You then return your sample and have access to your results either online or they are sent to you at home.

What Involved in Taking A Health DNA test?

Most test providers take  a collection of saliva or a swab of your inner cheek. Both are painless and fairly easy to perform at home. All samples are then sent away for testing.

What Can A Health DNA Test Tell You?

There is a huge variety of tests that can be performed under the banner of health. Here we cover just a few on the market but they highlight the range that is out there. You can for example take a skincare DNA test.These look at all aspects of your skin from fine lines and wrinkles, how predisposed you are to skin cancer, what may be causing skin sensitivity, the collagen quality of your skin and your skin pigmentation.

Other tests can also look at your individual metabolism for alcohol, caffeine and lactose and your susceptibility to cholesterol, how strong or weak your bones are, blood sugars and also how you can best lose weight. Many of these tests will also identify what is the best diet and nutrition that suits your DNA. An increasingly popular test at the moment is one that looks at your stress and sleep profile. This test looks at how you cope with stress, how you then perform under stress and what time of day you are most productive.

What Do Your Health test results Look Like?

Most test results are available in 4-6 weeks and are e mailed to you. Some test providers will also send you the results in a hard copy. Sample reports are clearly dependent on the test you are looking at but most include a small summary of the science involved and then what your results look like. If we take a general health test you could expect to see an analysis of your blood sugars, cholesterol, the nutrients you most require and how your metabolism will react to stimulants like alcohol and caffeine and how you react to lactose.

What To Consider Before You Buy A Home DNA Test

The first thing is to be clear about is what DNA can provide us with the answers with and what it cannot. So if you believe a home DNA test will tell you everything you want to know about your health, you may want to think again. You should also consider whether you are fully prepared for what the data may tell you. This is  particularly important in paternity testing.You may want to check to see if the company you have bought the test from provide any form of support services afterwards.This may be very important if you discover that you may be predisposed towards certain diseases. Finally do check out the company that are analysing your DNA. Do they comply with international guidelines on the use of genetic data and is your data safe? Some companies have sold on genetic data without the consent of the donors so this is one online purchase where you really must read the small print.