DNA Nutrition Test

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We are all used to DNA testing for issues like paternity but you can also gain information about how you process foods like carbohydrates, proteins and fats. All of this information could not only help you lead a healthier life but also help you manage your weight.

What Does A  Home DNA Test mean?

Home DNA testing kits are where you conduct the DNA test in your own home by yourself. The key here is that home DNA tests require self collection of the DNA sample. Most require a simple saliva test.You then return your sample and have access to your results either online or they are sent to you at home.

What is Involved?

All tests are different but most involved a mouth swab. You will receive this in the pack that is sent to you and it is an easy and painless test to take. The swab looks like a cotton bud and you gently rub it inside your cheek for a few seconds.You then send the sample back to the testing company.

What Can DNA tell You About Nutrition?

A lot of tests will be able to tell you how you react to carbs, proteins and fats as well as the nutrients and vitamins that you need.Your genes may predispose you towards certain deficiencies here which you can then deal with by taking supplements. Many tests also link nutrition with fitness and you will be able to discover what your DNA suggests about the best workouts for you. From all of this you can use a DNA test to look at the best way for your body to lose weight. Some tests will also tell you about possible food allergies and sensitivities. Depending on your test provider some tests will help you by providing you with a nutritionist to talk to and also sample menu plans that support your DNA profile.

What's the Science Behind This Test?

Research suggests that our genes can influence everything from our food choices, how much food we eat, our metabolism and how we cope with various food groups.So lets look at one group-fats. Saturated fats are often the fats that lead us to put on weight and as such should be kept to a minimum. Research has highlighted that the FTO gene play s a role in how your body reacts to saturated fat. So the more you know about your DNA profile the better you can understand how to control your fat intake.The same is true of carbohydrates, your test can indicate to you how sensitive you are to carbohydrates, so again you can plan your diet accordingly. One word of caution however is that whilst this tests may indicate the foods that you should eat more of or supplements that you may need there are other factors that may influence your diet and health including environmental ones.

What To Consider Before You Buy A Home DNA Test

The first thing is to be clear about is what DNA can provide us with the answers with and what it cannot. So if you believe a home DNA test may predict accurately that you will definitely not gain weight  then you may want to think again. You should also consider whether you are fully prepared for what the data may tell you. This is  particularly important in paternity testing.You may want to check to see if the company you have bought the test from provide any form of support services afterwards.This may be very important if you discover that you may be predisposed towards a certain disease or have a major food intolerance. Finally, do check out the company that are analysing your DNA. Do they comply with international guidelines on the use of genetic data and is your data safe? Some companies have sold on genetic data without the consent of the donors so this is one online purchase where you really must read the small print.