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DNA Test Providers

There are literally hundreds of home testing DNA providers in the marketplace including some based here in the UK. Here we try to explain who the main providers are and what you should consider before buying a homes testing DNA kit.

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There are hundreds of home DNA test providers. Some are based in the US only; some are truly international with offices in main cities around the world. Some like ancestry.com specialise in ancestry only, whilst others like Easy DNA offer a wide range of tests from testing your dog, to diet and fitness and health. 

Some providers also offer arrangements where if you have tested with one company you can transfer your raw data to another company.

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We have looked at reviews from users, tested ourselves and come up with what we believe to be the main pros and cons of leading test providers. Before you purchase any test, we would advise that you are clear what you are looking for. So, for example if health really matters to you you may want to look at which provider can give you the most detailed health reports with high accuracy. 

If finding lost relatives is your driver then do look at the size of a company’s database, as the larger the database the more information about your ancestry will be available to you.

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Within each type of DNA test we will look at what each test provider can give you and how they compare. So for example within the field of diet and fitness some providers will give you a complimentary phone call with a dietician to discuss your results, provide you with menu plans and an app that you can use when shopping. 

When looking at different providers do check out their laboratory accreditations as this will indicate how accurate the results will be, how long they have been operating for and what methodology they use. The key message here is that not all providers are the same.

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Many test providers offer good online discounts which can make their tests significantly cheaper. It is certainly advisable to check out a company’s website or a reseller to see how much cheaper you can purchase the test for. Some providers will also offer you discounts when you carry out multiple purchases.

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