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Living DNA

Who are Living DNA?

Living DNA was launched in 2016 in London and is run by a company called DNA Worldwide Group which was set up in 2004. The company uses over 100 scientists to work to learn more about DNA. It is partnered with a number of organisations including Eurofins, a world leader in testing and Illumina who are involved in genetic research. Interestingly they also teamed up with ‘Show racism the red card’ a group that fights racism. LivingdDNA say they did this as a way of showing that understanding DNA could reduce racism. In fact their mission statement is to ‘show humanity that we are all made up of all of us, dissolving the concept of race’.



How Big Is Their Database?

As yet unknown as still new and growing.

What Tests Are Offered?

There are four products available.  The first is a DNA starter kit as they call it which is a way of you finding out your family’s ancestry but also gives you a snapshot of your wellbeing. This includes your ethnic origin but also how you metabolise vitamin D and what food works best from your DNA. You also get an idea of your muscle performance. The second test is the ancestry kit which provides a full ethnic breakdown and allows you to find family connections. Then there is the wellbeing kit which looks at nutrition and exercise and finally there is ancestry and wellbeing.

What’s The Science Behind The Tests?

The ancestry tests include both autosomal and Mt DNA and Y DNA. The testing however uses a customised version of Illumina chip technology which means that each 650,000 encoded markers are represented at least 15 times.

What Are The Timescales?

Results should be available in 6-8 weeks.

How Accurate Is The Test?

Many users feel this is the test for accuracy as the testing methodology is cutting edge and it offers the most region specific results. For example it covers 80 worldwide regions when looking at your ancestry and 21 regions in the British Isles so will give you the most detailed breakdown of your British heritage.

Where Is The Testing Carried Out?

Labs in the US but the company itself is UK based.

How Safe Is Your DNA Sample?

LivingDNA stress that they do not sell your data to any third parties and you have the option to delete data at any time. Anonymity is secured before samples are analysed by third parties.

What is the USP?

This is probably the best test for region specific results and many believe it also offers the best technology. It also offers free test updates and offers one test that covers autosomal and Y and Mt DNA. One of the downsides seen by some is that often test results can take up to 12 weeks and the database is still growing. The starter test is also an interesting idea as it allows you to dabble if you are unsure which test to choose.