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Diet & Fitness DNA Tests

Yes you can use your DNA to investigate aspects of diet and fitness. With companies now offering a range of DNA tests, whether it's enough to prevent you getting fat, or ensure you complete a marathon, this is great information for users to know.

We have got used to understanding more about our ancestry and also about our health. Diet and fitness reports have become more popular over the past five years. The science is still evolving but we now have a clearer understanding that our DNA can hold clues as to our diet and fitness.

What Can A Diet and Fitness DNA Test tell You?

A diet and fitness test should be able to tell you; what foods are best for your diet, how you respond to food groups including carbohydrates, proteins and fats, if you have any food intolerances or sensitivities, what fitness activities you best respond to, how well you recover from fitness and your propensity to get injuries.

How Do They Work?

Different test companies will use slightly different technology but the science underpinning these tests is to look at the gene variants in your DNA that impact for example on metabolism, eating, absorption and storage of cabs and fats and different types of fitness activity.

Can This Type Of Test Make You Fitter?

In short no DNA test alone will make you fitter as that will also depend on your behaviour and actions but there are a number of ways these tests could help you get better fit. They will for example help you to understand if you gain more from high intensity workouts. This may mean that you are better going for 5 30-minute gym workouts each week than 3 1-hour work outs. They will also assess your aerobic potential, recovery and injury potential so again will help you plan optimum workouts and timings. All of these combined could well improve your chances of maximising your fitness.

Can This Type Of Test Help You Lose Weight?

No DNA test alone will ensure you lose weight as to achieve that you need to have the right drive and attitude. What a DNA test can do is advise you on aspects like how you process and store fat, how you break down cholesterol, how sensitive you are to carbs. This will all help you to know what the best foods are for you. So, it won’t guarantee you will lose weight, but it will mean that you give yourself the best chance to lose weight by understanding how you process foods.

How Accurate Are These Tests?

The important thing to note with these tests is that the science here is still evolving. There is still research ongoing. But their growing popularity and support from leading sports people would suggest that results are making sense to people and they are providing useful science to what many users feel they always suspected.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Diet and Fitness Test?

Do look at the number of nutrition and fitness reports that you get as this varies enormously. Also ask if you get personalised diet and fitness plans as this will help you act on the results. Some providers will even help with shopping lists and suggested retailers. Some providers also suggest supplements that you should take or even offer you personalised supplements for a monthly fee. Are you able to speak to a nutritionist or fitness coach after you have your results for further advice and to make sense of it all? How is the testing conducted? This will impact on the detail you get and number of reports.

How Will Your Data be Protected?

With all DNA tests you need to be clear what happens to your sample after testing and how your personal data is stored. So, for example how are you kept anonymous in the system, what encryptions are used? Is your data made available to other third parties or worse still sold on? Can you opt out of any further research, can you delete your data at any time?