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Pet DNA Tests

Pet DNA testing is now available for a range of different pets. Discover more about your pet, its ancestry and potential health issues.

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DNA testing used to be for humans only but as the science has developed tests are now available for a range of pets. The most established tests are those for dogs. Dog testing allows owners and breeders to understand the breed composition of their dog but also potential future health issues. Cat testing is less developed but there are tests available although you will undoubtedly be asked to join a research group to enable more knowledge to be gained. DNA testing is also available for birds and horses. The tests, like human tests, rely mostly on swab samples.


Why Would You Test Your Pet?

The main reason as an owner you would DNA test your pet is to ascertain breed composition which can help you understand more about behaviours and potential health risks and also to know more about your pets current health. For breeders there are also clear benefits to provide buyers with more certain information about an animal.

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How Do You get A Sample from your Pet?

In truth it isn’t as difficult as you think. Most providers ask for a swab and will provide you with video guidance on how to get into your furry friends mouth to get that swab!

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Dog DNA tests are the most advanced of all pet tests. Many providers have quite large databases now and you will be able to find out a lot of detail about your dog’s breed and any health issues related to that breed. Many test providers also give back to the dog community supporting many dog charities, so if that matters to you then do check out providers websites.

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Cat DNA tests are less developed that dog tests so there are less providers to choose from. But you will find tests that give you information about your cat’s breed, its possible wild cat ancestry and also certain health issues. Research is still developing so you can also support this by allowing them to store your cat’s data. Again, as with dogs, many of these providers are also involved in cat protection and welfare so that may be worth checking out when you select a provider.

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Pet DNA Companies

There are fewer companies offering pet testing than human DNA testing but the numbers continue to grow each year. Some pet testing companies also offer human DNA testing and are simply broadening their portfolio, others specialise in pets only. This is giving you the consumer more choice and more deals available. 

When selecting a test provider do check what the size of its database is, as you will get a more accurate breed composition result from a test provider with a broad database. As with human testing do also check for lab accreditations.

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There are now more companies involved in pet testing and as with human testing not all providers are the same. So, for example some dog testing providers provide you with a framed photograph of your dog complete with a detailed breakdown of its breed statistics. Others may also then provide you with how you can use the breed data to better understand your dog. 

An example here is to know how much exercise and mental stimulation your dog may need depending on its breed. Other test providers may give you none of this. There is less choice in cat testing but that is changing.

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